MSDN AA Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I recover a lost password?

  • ELMS authenticates against CSE. Use the same login/password as you use in the CSE labs or connecting to arctic/pacific.
    The old system with ELMS having their own userbase is no longer used. .

What is this 400K file?

  • The file you download from ELMS is a 400K "downloader" file.
  • Firefox users might need to rename the file to have a .exe extension
  • Run the "downloader" file to download the MSDN product from the CSE MSDN server.
  • This "downloader" file must be run from a Windows machine. Use the CSE labs if needed.
  I am a student in a CSE course. Why can't I access ELMS?
  • You are not using your CSE username/password.
  • You are not registered for a CSE course this term.
  • If you changed your CSE password within the last hour, it may take a little for the password to propagate everywhere.
  When downloading MSDN for Visual 2003 I get an Error:
source file not found.
  • Copy the files from disc 2 and disc 3 into the disc 1 folder, and then install from the disc 1 folder.
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